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Patio & French Doors

Patio and French Doors provide further options for larger entrances and these are also manufactured using the Profile 22 fully-sculptured profile design. All our patio doors and French doors are advanced performance ‘A’-rated for energy efficiency and are designed to reduce heat loss and lower heating bills. They have achieved the Secured by Design specification with secure multi-point locking and toughened safety glass as standard for your total peace of mind. You can also choose a laminated glass option if required.

Our Profile 22 French doors can be hung on 4 hinges if required and can be configured to open in or out. If you opt for an open-out design, restrictors stays are provided to ensure your French doors stay securely in place and are not damaged by the wind. Both doors come with secure multi-point locking and dog-bolt spike installed on the frame-side to further enhance their security.

There are two types of patio doors to choose from – the most popular are inline sliding doors, which stay seated in the frame whilst sliding smoothly and effortlessly across a precision-engineered gearing system. As stylish as they are functional, our custom-built inline sliding patio doors look great and are available in a wide range of colours and finishes, from antique oak to Chartwell green. Made from thermally efficient PVC-U they can also help to keep your home well insulated.

Another option is the tilt and slide patio door with an internal mechanism that allows the door to tilt for ventilation whilst still being completely secure and of course meeting the ‘A’-rating energy specification as standard.

All our patio doors are expertly-engineered and intensively tested to the highest possible standards.

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